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Meditative Glove


We worked with a local client, who runs a garment design and production studio. Her need was to help novice sewing artists improve their skills, especially skills to sew neat and clean stitch patterns. The meditation glove tracks movement of fingers and hands to compare with expert sewing artists, as well as uses sounds and vibration to help novice sewing artists enter meditative mindsets.

Role: research, visualization

Date: Mar. 2016- May 2016

Keywords: physical prototyping, 3D data visualization



Our client Karen Glass runs a local garment design and production studio, called Zerowaste. Zerowaste aims to recycle as much as possible and Karen Glass believes that Zerowaste is also a state of mindfulness. However, the training process of novice sewing artists is challenging for her. The problem is that it takes weeks for some novice sewing artists to enter peaceful mindsets, which helps produce neat and clean stitch patterns.



To solve the problem, we designed a meditative glove, which has a motion tracker, a vibrator, along with a visualization of sewing patterns which could be accessible on mobile devices. The movement recorded through the motion tracker will be compared with movement of expert sewing artists, which is saved in advance. When there is a mismatch, the vibrator will generate subtle vibrations which is perceivable enough, but not disturbing.

Each time when the needle stitching in/out towards the clothes, a sound will be generated, which helps novice sewing artists to enter meditative mindsets.



Defining an appropriate threshold that fits majority sewing artists.