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Yelp Design Challenge


Yelp Design Challenge

The project is based on a design challenge from Yelp and completed in two days. This mobile app provides a platform for cats owners to share recipes for cats.



We encourage you not to use Yelps existing style but instead want to give you creative freedom to come up with your own.

Also, to better evaluate your product thinking, we don’t want you to perform any intense user research. We want you to make smart assumptions and weigh tradeoffs about what business goals and user goals to optimize for.

For the final result, we’re looking for pixel perfection, not a Balsamiq wireframe. We prefer the use of Sketch or Photoshop for your actual design.

The task before you is to complete on of these projects for either web or mobile. Be sure to align your project choice and design with your strengths and vision.


Create a recipes detail and/or search page. Each recipe has a title, multiple photos, a description, a shopping list, a how-to section, share options, a rating, multiple reviews and user uploaded photos. You are encouraged to add additional elements. You do not have to design a complete flow (for example account creation).

Optimize your design to help people share recipes.


● Recipes of Westeros

● Recipes for Cats



Since personally I am not very familiar with cat food or homemade cat food, I did some research into it. For example, there are six types of nutritions that cats need to eat: protein from meat or fish; amico acids from meat or fish; fatty acids; vitamins; minerals and water. Also, quantities of each meal and numbers of meal per day are different based on age, weight and breed of the cat. 




During on-boarding phase, information of the cat will be collected, including numbers of cat, name, age, breed, and weight, and those information will be used to suggest recipes. If users own more than one cat, recipes will be suggested based on all cats and have labels for a specific cat if necessary. 



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